Homemade Fruit Juice Recipes to Beat the Heat


The summer is in full effect and has made all of us sweaty. People are having heat strokes and some feel dizzy, yet we have to continue with our daily life and routine. It is misery, to be honest, that we have such amazing fruits that can beat the heat and we know nothing about them. With our everyday lives being so hectic, we do not have a chance to sit and enjoy a shake at a restaurant. However, this article can solve the problem by providing you some of the homemade fruit juice recipes that will keep you hydrated.
Homemade Fruit Juice Recipes for you
Homemade juices are useful because you make them yourself and know that they are healthy. In the type of heat that we are suffering from, it is necessary to have all types of fruit shakes, smoothies, and drinks to replenish your body from the heat. Listed below are some homemade fruit juice recipes that will help you feel cool and hydrated?
Citrusy Orange Juice
The great thing about homemade fruit juice recipes is that they are full of vitamins and nutrients just like this orange juice. Orange juices are full of vitamin C that helps in keeping you healthy. To make this juice, you need oranges according to the people you are serving. You can add carrots, grapes, or any other citrus fruits if you enjoy them but keep orange in the most quantity. Put all of these in a blender and add you can add yellow beet to give it color but if you do not prefer then do not add it. Close the blender’s lid and blend them well. You can also add ice cubes to blend them well if you like. Your chilled orange juice is ready.
Homemade Grapefruit Smoothie
Grapes are great because they not only satiate the thirst but are filled with antioxidants. These antioxidants help the body in fighting against oxidants that can cause acidity. Grape juices aid in weight loss and is the favorite of many diet instructors. You need to add one and a half cups of grapefruit juice in a blender and add three-quarters of blueberries in it. Then you will add half a cup of strawberries and ice cubes along with a ripe banana. The great thing about homemade fruit juice recipes is you can add any optional stuff so if you like kiwis, add one too. Blend all these beautiful ingredients until smooth and pour them into a tumbler as full as your heart.
Mango Juice
Mangoes are known as the rulers of all fruits. The rightful kings do not need any fruits or vegetables added they can be simply purchased from any vendor using online Coupons Code and blended with milk to be served. Otherwise, you can add the flavors you want as this is one of your homemade fruit juice recipes. You need four carrots, an apple, a lemon along with zucchini, and mango. You can blend all these to get a super sweet and nutrient-rich juice.
Homemade Green Drink
A juice made out of vegetables will make anyone cringe. The juice will be considered very healthy but not tasty. However, it is important to know that juices like these can indeed be very tasty if the right herb is used to spice them up. Green juice is the perfect one that has all the green herbs along with fruits and vegetables to quench your thirst. All you need is a cup of water with one chopped cucumber, head of chard, two chopped green apples, juice of two fresh lemons, peeled ginger, and some parsley. Stir all this up in a blender and blend till you see the sparkly green liquid. Your healthy nutritious homemade fruit juice recipe is ready.
Fresh Cucumber Juice
Cucumber is abundant in water and has many benefits. It is a must to have in your day during summers. It would be very beneficial if you keep cucumber juice with you and keep drinking it to extinguish the heat. You will require one cucumber, almost five celery stalks, a yellow bell pepper, basil and kale leaves, and lemon if you like sour stuff. All these veggies have to be washed and the seeds from pepper are to be removed. You can then cut them into chunks and use a juicer to extract their juices. Your cucumber juice is ready to be enjoyed.
Sweet and Sour Black Grape Juice
Black grapes are one of the best fruits that have a lot of health benefits. Having grape juice can benefit your heart too. You will need black grapes in one cup and one teaspoon of lemon juice. You can add sugar in almost two teaspoons but if you are weight conscious, add honey or blackstrap molasses. In a blender, you have to add grapes, lemon juice, and few ice cubes along with honey or sugar as you like. After you have blended the shake till it’s smooth, sieve it in a glass using a spoon to break any lump of grape formed on the sieve. After you have extracted all the juice manually as well, serve the juice chilled and fresh.
Mixed Fruit Punch
This one can be considered the easiest of homemade fruit juice recipes as you just have to merge everything. Fruits provide the best anti-oxidizing effects just add diced stone fruits (peaches, apricots, plums, and nectarines) alongside two cups of apricot juice, two-cup cider, and one cup seltzer. Merge all in one glass and stir to enjoy this drink.
Summer is the season in which our body needs the most nourishment and care. The heat can be very injurious to the health and the above-mentioned homemade fruit juice recipes make our life easier. Juices and smoothies are one the best ways to replenish the vitamins and minerals lost in sweat. Let us know if you have a juice recipe that is beneficial for summers.

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