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We are very familiar with the term weight gain; many people face this problem and a strong desire to
lose their weight through an effective diet. Throughout many years we have been listening that through
this and this diet we can lose our weight, but over the years there is very less result of ordinary dieting
which could lead to loss of weight. However, lately, there is an amazing diet which is emerged currently,
and it is proven to be very advantaging and in the first week of dieting, there is noticeable weight loss
which can be witnessed. If you follow this diet very strictly, then the result will be very significant and
you will notice a major drop in your weight.

The emergence of the keto diet

The amazing diet which has emerged in year of 1970s, the Keto diet. This diet consists of a low
carbohydrate and rich diet of fat; this is what the keto diet is about and it was used for special medical
circumstances, specifically to cure and control diabetes. It was used to treat the children of epilepsy for
whom the medical treatment was not effective. This diet is increasingly gaining attention regarding the
strategy to lose excess weight as it consists of a high amount of fat along with the right amount of

What happens when you follow the keto diet?

If you follow the keto diet religiously, you can see a loss of weight from two pounds to ten pounds. You
will be amazed to know that the body weight you will have will be only the weight of water. It is because
the carbohydrates retain the water. So glycogen stores the carb in your body, and for each glycogen
present in your body is around 3 grams of water stored, so as soon as you limit the intake of carb so
when our body loses the storage of carb of the glycogen additionally the stored water. In the keto diet,
there is the absence of carbohydrates. It is replaced with lots of eggs, meats, or meat which is
processed, cheese, nuts, sausages, seeds, oil, fish, and fibrous vegetables; this is mainly the ketogenic
diet. one of the reasons that many people are unable to follow the keto religiously is because it is too
much restrictive, people get bored and do not want to bound themselves for such long time from things
they crave for. Still, people forget one thing that if they follow this diet, they will soon see the best result
and can become fit again. However, people or individuals who want to follow the keto diet should be
aware of one thing that initially, when they initiate this diet, their body requires a bit of time to adjust
with such intake of protein and fats, the individual might face tiredness, but it will be a little bit because
initially, it happens, moreover, few might face lousy breath, constipation, issues in sleeping, vomiting or
nauseous feeling, it varies person to person, but they are the common issues which individuals might
face in the very starting. I have my colleagues at cheap essay writing service uk following this diet and
showing impressive results.

People who cannot follow the keto diet

People who are facing or have any disease regarding the kidney must avoid the keto diet. After all, it is
not suitable for them at any cost, because it is not designed in such a way which is appropriate for such
people, on the other hand, if the people who have kidney issue become ignorant and still follow the
keto diet it for sure will worsen their condition and might lead to severe consequences.

Benefit of keto diet

The main benefit of following the keto diet is a significant amount of weight loss, but on the other hand,
there are various and many more advantages linked with the keto diet such as it helps to keep the good
cholesterol level high, High-density lipoprotein (HDL) which is usually regarded as the cholesterol which
is good and good for the health even. Hence this diet keeps the bad cholesterol level low which is LDL.
So the level of good cholesterol HDL is kept high in level against the LDL the harmful cholesterol.
It also helps to lower the blood pressure, which is harmful to human health. High blood pressure or
hypertension can lead to the risk of various diseases such as heart attack, kidney failure, and much
more. Because of the keto diet, the intake of a low carb diet helps to keep the blood pressure low and
which is very effective in one way, and it also reduces the danger of numerous diseases, which might
help humans to live a little longer. We must be unaware of one fact that the keto diet is also very
effective in reducing and controlling the brain disorder.
It is said that throughout your first week of the journey of keto, weight loss will mainly be water because
our body gets depleted of the storage of carbohydrates. As soon as you burn it the storage of glycogen
present in your body, your body will automatically utilize the storage of fat for the energy
To watch the effectiveness of the keto diet, one should take the picture on daily basis and must note the
weight before initiating the keto diet so that you could notice the significant difference through the
reduction of weight and through noticing the difference in the picture it will be very motivating for the
individuals who are following the keto diet.


There is no doubt that the keto diet is very beneficial in many ways and should be followed but it should
be followed in a moderate way; however it should be kept in consideration that people who are already
facing any kind of disease should avoid this keto diet and individuals who are motivated to lose their
weight through keto diet should keep one thing in mind that they should first consult their nutritionist
and then they should look towards to follow the keto diet so it won’t be harmful to you in any way
because it works amazingly.

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