The 5 Most popular Indian food in the world

5 Most popular Indian food

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Here are some Indian dishes that are famous all over the world. India has a significant image in over the world in terms of food. India has a well-known country in the universe for its culture and its foodie habits. People in India are more passionate about eating food and trying new meals and dishes.
Indian dishes are famous cause of their mouthwatering taste and scent. India has a separate culture and dishes that represent its region and state. Each and every state has its own dishes that belong to its culture. In this piece of content, we are going to see the 5 most popular Indian food in the world.
We will see top Indian dishes are famous over the world.

World Famous Indian dishes

1. Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Tikka Masala

Among non-veg dishes, Chicken Tikka Masala is at rank number one not only in India, also globally. It is a very famous Indian dish in different parts of the world. Chicken Tikka is cook with spicy gravy and heavy butter. It is marinate chicken pieces with spicy curry. It is orange-color curry, which looks very tasty.

2. Butter chicken

Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken

Another popular non-vegetarian dish from India, is popular in different parts of the world. As the name suggests, means chicken that is cooked with butter. It is usually cooked in a tandoor, the chicken is marinated with the marinade ingredients and then put in the tandoor. These are soft boneless chicken pieces that are cook in butter, tomato, onion, and garam masala.

3. Biryani


Briyani is one of the most famous and popular Indian cuisines around the world, The most famous is Hyderabadi, Lucknow, and Kolkata biryani. The modern biryani evolved in the royal kitchens of the Mughal Empire (1526-1857) and is a hybrid of traditional Indian spicy rice dishes and Persian pilaf. 

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4. Samosa


This is a very famous street fast food in the whole of India. It is a highly rate starter food. Samos created a whole new image all over the world. it is fry patties fill with potato stuff. Stuff is create with mashed potato and a special mix of spices that make this incredible in taste. Some beakers are also filled this with some seasonal vegetables or cheese and deep fry in oil or refined oil.

5. Daal Makhni


Dal Makhani is one of the most popular lentil recipes from the North Indian Punjabi cuisine to the whole world. Dal makhani made with Urad dal or Kaali Dal and Rajma. This is a famous variant of dal, dal is all time favorite for Indians. dal makhani is only one variant of dal that successfully made an international image. Dal makhani eaten with Roti, naan, and with rice.


There are 5 most popular Indian food, that are famous for their mouth-watering taste. People love Indian food worldwide.


Probably the best known of all Indian dishes, butter chicken, also known as murgh makhani, is a staple dish at most Indian restaurants. The dish originated in Delhi during the 1950s when a man named Kundan Lal Gujral opened his restaurant called Moti Mahal.

Indian cuisine is among the top ten popular cuisines in the world, standing at number nine, with an average popularity score of 62% across the 24 countries. Other than their own cuisine, which 93% of Indians claim to like, they also have a palate for Italian (80%), Chinese (77%), and American cuisines (75%)

In 2014, a Pew Research Center survey found that Israelis and Russians are the most pro-Indian sentiments worldwide, with 90% and 85% respectively expressing a favorable view of India.

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